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To make you excel in your journey, we provide the best
software for IT Solutions, Web Design and Development!

Flight Costing

We are offering Flight Costing service with the best functionality and outcome for businesses and companies operating around the world.

ERP Systems

Get new and current ERP systems that we incorporate into your business operations and make them worthwhile for your IT purposes.

Risk Management System

Avail of our top-notch digital marketing services for various digital platforms your company or business is working on.

Contract Management Software

DataSifting Contract Management Software identifies all relevant clauses within your contract and provides you all clauses detail related to your chosen keywords, saving you time and ensuring you understand every clause in detail.

Pet Clinic Software

Pet clinic software is a specialized management tool designed to streamline the operations of veterinary clinics and pet care facilities.

Key Performance Indicator

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) software is a powerful tool that allows organizations to track and analyze their crucial metrics and performance data.


We have been working successfully for 38 years

Our goal at Data Sifting is to offer comprehensive and reliable software solutions to departments and big firm techs around the world.

Automated Systems

At Data Sifting, we tackle automation with a comprehensive and integrated approach to experience technological evolution.

Highly Competent Personnel

Our team of experts is the most knowledgeable, with the right and professional official training in technical domains and IT technologies.

Managing Integrated Solutions

With the advancements in the technological world, i.e., major corporations, IT solutions have become a more pressing concern recently. So, we’re here to offer that!

Our Team of Experts

You can contact the most dependable IT services right away! Our staff members have one-on-one knowledge more than anyone. Since they have received official and professional training in IT technology and technical subjects.

We offer all kinds of web development services and IT solutions a tech company could require for the long run success and development.

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Abdul Hayee

R&D Lead

Haris Amir Saeed

Software Developer

Abrar Zaheer

Power BI Consultant

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