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To make you excel in your journey, we provide the best
software for IT Solutions, Web Design and Development!

Flight Costing

We are offering Flight Costing service with the best functionality and outcome for businesses and companies operating around the world.

Pet Clinic Software

Pet clinic software is a specialized management tool designed to streamline the operations of veterinary clinics and pet care facilities.

Digital Marketing

Avail of our top-notch digital marketing services for various digital platforms your company or business is working on.

Contract Management

The Data Sifting Contract Management Software helps you identify all clauses related to keyword entered in the entire contract.

AI Solutions

Our AI solutions are unique and competent for your company and business. We provide the most effective ideas to connect you to the world.

Digital Signage APP

We have an electronic signage APP that includes a dynamic display using display technologies, i.e., LED walls, projection, and LCD monitors.

Dispute Management

Our company manages, locates, minimizes, and resolves any disputes or differences that can emerge in your systems.

POS Applications

Streamline your business simplify operations, enhance customer experience, and skyrocket your sales with our powerful innovative POS systems tailored for restaurants, retailers, malls, and beyond.

Digital Transformation

With Digital Transformation, get better company agility, enhanced efficiency, and eventually, the creation of new value for consumers and employees.

ERP Systems

Get new and current ERP systems that we incorporate into your business operations and make them worthwhile for your IT purposes.

Big Data Analytics

We let your company analyze massive amounts of raw data to find trends, patterns, and correlations that can be used to influence decisions.

Key Performance Indicator

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) software is a powerful tool that allows organizations to track and analyze their crucial metrics and performance data.

BI & Analytics

We let companies analyze massive amounts of raw data to find trends, patterns, and correlations that can be used to influence decisions.

Aviation Applications

The Data Sifting team has the best Aviation apps that will connect you to work in the fastest-growing aviation industry.

BP Automation

We provide full-scale engineering services, automated machine fabrication, and prototype development services.


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